Lodging in Geneva, Switzerland

Located on Lake Geneva, Michigan’s Menominee River is where the mystic lake lies, and the mystic Lake casino is where many of the players would want to stay when visiting this favorite Michigan tourist attraction. The casino at Mystic Lake is one of the best in the entire area, and there are many reasons why this is so. First, there are twenty-four hour casino gaming options, and each player is only allowed to play a maximum of two games per day. Also, due to the close proximity of the river, and the beautiful surrounding landscape, each round of betting on these slots is incredibly fast, which makes the entire gambling experience all the more exciting.

mystic lake casino hotel rooms

All of the room options at the mystical casino hotel include separate bathrooms, showers and robes. While there is no bath house on-site, each of the hotel rooms still has their own individual parking lots. Also, the casino offers each guest an individual-wrapped food package, so that they do not have to bring along a larger meal to share with everyone else in the group. With all of the amenities and conveniences of the Lake Geneva area, combined with the convenience of a quick bathroom break each morning, this makes staying at the mystic casino hotel rooms a truly pleasurable experience, regardless of whether one is playing slots or craps.

For those who have never visited Lake Geneva, the buildings themselves are reminiscent of older opulent hotels, with intricate designs, wood paneling and exposed brick work throughout. Each of the rooms in the hotel provide exceptional views of the surrounding landscape, including the Michigan River. Each of the rooms is fully equipped with high-speed Internet, a television with a premium picture and an extensive library of movies. Each room also includes a private bathroom with a separate shower and bath, as well as a fully stocked kitchen. While some of the rooms do feature a minivan-style entrance, all of the rooms in the hotel offer an individual entrance, guaranteeing that each resident will be able to use the facilities that are available to him or her.

Each of the rooms in the casino house a full casino floor, featuring a wide selection of slots, table games, card games and a video screen. There are several full service restaurants located on the property, offering guests a delicious dining experience while relaxing at their hotel beds. There are also many banquet rooms that offer a choice of restaurant seating, or one of the many indoor restaurants that is only a few steps away from the front door. The banquet rooms are perfect for entertaining friends or family, or for enjoying a romantic evening by the fire.

All of the rooms in the mystic Lake Geneva casino hotel offer top-notch security, with several measures in place to prevent any kind of intrusion or theft. Each guest has his or her own key, and there are strict rules enforced during the night to ensure that each person staying at the hotel is fully satisfied. In addition, each of the rooms in the hotel are protected by large glass windows, which provide the resident with an unobstructed view of the casino floor and any other attractions inside.

When it comes to activities, the mystic Lake Geneva is filled with plenty of them. Every room at the hotel offers an outdoor pool, which can easily be converted into an enjoyable part of the evening. Many of the hotel’s suites are pet-friendly, ensuring that no animal will ever be left alone in a room again. The hotel even provides on-site parking for each of its guests! The mystic lakes are just an hour away from Geneva city, which makes everyone in the family happier!