Where to Stay at the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel?

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Where to Stay at the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel?

When you are on a business trip, be sure to travel to Mystic Lake Casino Hotel by one of the three casino hotels. Here are several details about the top casino resorts in the Midwest that will give you a great experience while staying there.

The Mystical Lake Casino Resort is known for its latest in gaming technology and is owned by the Minnesota Gaming Board. It is located along with Park Avenue Casino. The resort has some of the best slots available in the country and is known as a first-class casino with a great selection of tables and large gaming room. There are numerous exciting slot machines and tables to choose from. The most popular game is the video poker machine where you can win big.

One of the best attractions at the Mystic Lake Casino is the Sky-Dome gaming room where you can enjoy five slot games and over 75 games to choose from. You can also try the single player game before you decide to go for the full casino experience. Another feature that sets this place apart from the rest is the reality TV show the Mystic Kings.

The Mystic Lake Casino Hotel prices will vary depending on the type of room you choose. There are four luxury suites in the building that offer spectacular views and are located on the fourth floor. These suites are very spacious and have individual bathtubs and private balconies, making them more comfortable and luxurious.

The four-room suites include the Silver Lounge Suite and Crystal Lounge Suite. The Crystal Lounge Suite features a queen bed, a private balcony, personal Jacuzzi and a walk in closet.

The lobby in the hotel is well designed and does not overwhelm you with its designer furniture and amenities. The main reception offers a buffet breakfast each morning. You can choose from many different types of breakfast items such as French toast, pancakes, French toast, yogurt and fruit drinks.

The accommodations at the casino are more than cozy with the spacious suites. The amenities that are offered are also very comfortable with a fitness center, spa, and of course a free Wi-Fi access. For your convenience, the casino has a business center where you can meet your staff or arrange for other things. There is a common lobby for your convenience in case you want to meet your family or friends.